The complete guide to writing a book! Professional creative writing, novel writing, fiction writing & memoir techniques.

Do you have a BOOK inside you?

Do you dream of holding YOUR BOOK in your hands?

It’s time to birth your book!

Whether you want to tell YOUR story or there is a character’s whose story is waiting to be told through you, this course will walk you through the process of writing your book, from start to finish.

Hi, I’m Julie Tyler, writing coach and your guide along the journey of writing your book… finally!

Join me and together we can get those stories out of your head, onto paper, and delivered to the world. No more fear, procrastination, and confusion; let’s bring your story to life!

In this comprehensive, step-by-step course, with all of the tools, steps, and strategies you need and NONE of the BS you don't! I will share with you all of my signature system for turning ideas into 300-page masterpieces worthy of traditional publishing. You will master the craft of storytelling and use pro-level habits, strategy, and mindset to bring your book project to completion.

The course is structured into six units, each packed with videos and exercises designed to take you deep into craft:

1. Core training to help you get started, getting words on paper, and completing your mission

2. Craft characters readers never forget

3. Create a page-turning plot like a pro

4. Unleash your signature voice

5. Build, assemble, and revise your book

6. Get your story into the hands of readers

My goal for you is to feel confident stepping into your role as a storyteller! You just know your book will entertain, enlighten, and inspire people. You can't wait for the day when you can hold all 300 pages in your hand and say, "Yes, I wrote this. And yes, I was born to create this."

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Journey of Writing Your Book

    • Introduction - Writing Your Masterpiece

    • Welcome and Meet the Instructor

  • 2

    CORE TRAINING: Create the Optimum Conditions to Write Your Book

    • Adopt These Five Habits to Succeed as a Writer

    • Discover the Entire Writing Process, Start to Finish

    • Set Up a Google Drive Folder to House Your Book Project

    • Ask for and Apply Feedback to Your Book Project

    • Asking for Feedback

    • Reframe Negative Thoughts and Boost Confidence

    • Reframe Negative Thoughts

    • Keep a journal specifically for your writing life

    • Affirmations: Writing Life Journal

  • 3

    CORE TRAINING: Banish Writer's Block and Get Words on Paper

    • Get Words on Paper PART 1

    • Get Words on Paper PART 2

    • Get Words on Paper PART 3

    • Get Words on Paper PART 4

    • Get Words on Paper PART 5

    • Get Words on Paper PART 6

  • 4

    CORE TRAINING: Start Your Book with Power and Purpose

    • Begin Your Mission (Write a Purpose Statement)

    • Begin Your Mission - Purpose Statement

    • Tap into Your Story's Value

    • Using Your Own Life to Tell a Story? Watch This!

    • Get Clear on Fiction vs. Memoir

  • 5

    CRAFTING UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS: Six Jobs Your Character Must Perform

    • What are Stories and Characters?

    • Embark on a Mission or Journey

    • Confront Challenges and Suffer in Persuit of a Goal

    • Fail Over and Over to Achieve the Goal

    • Continue Efforts in the Face of Repeated Failure

    • Transform in Some Way by the End of the Story

    • Make an Emotional and Intellectual Impact on Readers

  • 6

    CRAFTING UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS: Build Your Character Inside-Out and Top-Down

    • Intro to the "Foundational Character Profile"

    • Foundational Profile Worksheet

    • Character's Greatest Desires

    • Character's Guiding Philosophy

    • Characer's Life Before the Story Starts

    • Character's Circumstances During the Story

    • Character's Personality

    • Character's Appearance

    • Foundational Profile BONUS STRATEGIES

  • 7

    CRAFTING UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS: Dive Deeper into Your Story's Characters

    • Design Secondary Characters with the Hero in Mind

    • Compose a Character-Driven Scene

    • Discover Your Character's "Shadow Self"

    • Build Better Characters with 20 High-Impact Questions

  • 8


    • Ingredients of a Page-Turning Plot

    • Build Plot in Four Founds

    • Building Plot in 4 Rounds

    • Align Plot with Character, Theme, and Message

    • Plan a Scene and Recap a Plot Overview

    • Plan a Scene

    • BONUS Plot-Building Strategy

  • 9

    PLOT YOUR STORY LIKE A PRO: Diving Deeper into Plot Techniques

    • Write Riveting Scenes by Harnessing a Scene's "Anatomy"

    • Hook Readers in the First Chapter

    • Pace your story with confidence

    • Write about what hurts with grace and confidence

    • BONUS: Turn Real Life into Fiction

  • 10


    • What Voice is, Why It's Important, and the Ingredients of a Stand-Out Voice

    • Three Exercises to Push Past Fear and Silence, so That You Can Write OUT-LOUD

    • Tailor the Ingredients to Your Own Story

    • Distinguishing Your Characters' Voices

    • Compose a Voice-Driven Scene and Recap of the Overview

    • Compose a Voice-Driven Scene

  • 11

    UNLEASH YOUR STORY'S VOICE: Diving Deeper into Voice

    • Choose a Narrator for Your Story

    • Choosing a Narrator

    • Show (Don't Tell)

    • Practice Showing vs Telling

  • 12


    • Build your whole book, using character+plot+voice techniques

    • Number Your Scenes in Google Drive

    • Assemble Your Book in One Master File

    • Revise Your Book (Don't Edit It)

  • 13


    • Get Clear on Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

    • Meet Your "Dream" Readers

    • Find Comparison Titles

    • Meet Your "Dream" Literary Agents

    • Compose Your Query Letter (Using Examples)

    • Compose a Logline, Synopsis, and Author Bio

  • 14


    • Wrap Up


Author, Storyteller, Author Coach

Julie Tyler

Julie Tyler, Ph.D., is a passionate storyteller and committed to helping the global community of writers. After completing a doctorate in literature and succeeding as an author, Julie founded her company, StoryBold, to empower writers from all backgrounds and at every skill level to find their voice, write their stories, and share them with the world.