Start Your Own Side Hustle!

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Do you want to live life on your terms and make money doing what you love (or at least working for yourself)? We understand… we both started our first side hustles because we wanted more out of life. In fact we got tired of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like we were trapped. We believe self-employment is the ultimate form of empowerment, and we want to empower YOU to take back control of your money, your life, and your freedom! Now is the perfect time to create a side hustle. Technological advancements have made it fast and easy to create and market a business or plug into existing money-making side-gigs. In this course, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to: 1) Choose the right side hustle idea for you and flesh out how to launch it, 2) Find time, stay motivated, and start quick, 3) Hack productivity, automate, and scale your business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Generating Ideas for Your Side Hustle

    • Introduction to Hustling

    • Generating Ideas for Business Startups

    • 100-ish Business Ideas and Ways to Make Money on the Side

    • Idea Strategy 1: Start with You

    • Idea Strategy 2: Piggy-backing on Trends

    • Idea Strategy 3: Scratch Your Own Itch

    • Idea Strategy 4: Probing for Pain

    • The Power of Brainstorming

    • Brainstorming

    • The Secrets of Research

    • Getting It on Paper (or a Napkin)

    • F the Business Plan

  • 2

    Side Hustle Business IDEAS & Resources

    • IDEAS Services-Get Paid to DO What You Love

    • IDEAS Local Gigs and Work from Home

    • IDEAS Sell or Rent Your Stuff or Space

    • IDEAS Sell Tangible Stuff Online

    • IDEAS Make Money off Information Products Online

    • IDEAS Art, Design, and Creative Side Hustles

    • IDEAS Make Money with Your Car (or Other Vehicle)

    • IDEAS Make Money in Your Spare Time (or Doing What You Are Already Doing)

    • Additional Resources

  • 3

    Selecting Your Side Hustle

    • Assessing Potential

    • Potential Assessment

    • Making It Official: Selecting Your Side Hustle

    • Making It Official Worksheet

    • Setting Your Price

    • Setting Your Price

  • 4

    Master Your Mindset

    • Getting Out of the Mental Rut of Limitation

    • The $200 Challenge

    • Mastering Your Money Mindset

    • Finding Time for Your Side Hustle (Yes, You Have It)

    • Finding Time Worksheet

    • Fail Fast, Fail Often

    • Whats the Point?

    • What is the Point?

    • The Power of Pain and Pleasure

    • The Power of Pain and Pleasure

  • 5

    Getting Prepared

    • Understanding Your Customers

    • Understanding Your Customers

    • Making It Legit

    • The Money Game

    • Social Proof and Credibility

    • The Legal Stuff

    • The Money Game Making It Financially Viable

    • The Legal Stuff

  • 6

    Getting Started

    • How to Reach Your Customers

    • Reach Your Customers

    • Expressing Your Message

    • Expressing Your Message

    • BONUS Elevator Pitch Worksheet

    • Resourcefulness Developing an "I'll Figure It Out" Attitude

    • Identifying What You Need

    • Creating a Workflow

    • Show Me the Money

  • 7


    • Countdown to Launch

    • Setting Goals and Creating an Action Plan

    • Goals and Planning Worksheet

    • Testing and Assessment

    • Follow-Up and Follow-Through

  • 8

    Improvement and Expansion

    • Productivity and Automation Hacks

    • Creativity: Thinking Bigger and Being More Clever

    • Outsourcing (and Other Resources)

    • Resources

    • Doing Something Every Day

    • Dealing with "No" and Leveraging "Yeses"

    • The $1,000 Challenge

    • Knowing When to Quit

    • Questions to Answer Before Quitting Your Job

  • 9

    Marketing Tips

    • Leveraging Others’ Customers

    • Asking for Referrals

    • Urgency and Calls to Action

  • 10

    Wrap Up and What's Next?

    • Congratulations

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We are joeel and Natalie Rivera. We’re serial entrepreneurs who have started businesses including: Photography company Import business Holistic virtual office center Adolescent coaching center for at risk youth Book publishing company Magazine Life coach training institute Conferences, festivals and speaking Online course academy The real transformation happened for us when we realized that we could have an idea, research it and launch it and make more money in a week than we made at our job in a month. We have created over a dozen side hustles in over 2 decades, and we used what we learned to escape the rat race and build a thriving business that allows us to live life on our terms. And now we’re teaching everything we’ve learned to you.