Discover the secret to manifestation, affirmations, raising your vibration, abundance & happiness using LOA & psychology | taught by Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann

***This course was proudly co-created by instructors Joeel & Natalie Rivera and Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann!*** 

WHY master the Law of Attraction and Allowing? Understanding the Law of Attraction and how to ALLOW good to flow means understanding and thriving in LIFE. The Law of Attraction is not a fad-diet-of-the-week that will fade away when the next coolest-latest-whatever shows up, it is the LAW that has, is and always will govern every particle (and non-particle) in the universe… and IS the true “cause and effect” that many have been searching for but few have truly understood.

Whether you want to:

  • Be and feel healthier
  • Enjoy fabulous, feel-good relationships
  • Let brilliant ideas and creativity to flow
  • Land great new digs (AKA inhabit your ideal home)
  • Prosper in a career you truly love
  • Find solutions faster
  • Master a subject, ability or skill that’s been calling you
  • See your dreams & visions come to fruition
  • …or are simply looking to feel even a wee bit happily-ever-after NOW

Discovering how to make the Law of Attraction your BFF and LET good happen is your ticket to success in ANY area of life, because… well… it IS life. 

In this course, you will delve into what the Law of Attraction (LOA) REALLY is, how it actually works, and how to master this power to transform your life.

You’ll learn:

  • The truth about common misconceptions & misperceptions
  • Other “secret” players that greatly influence how the Law of Attraction responds
  • How to identify if you are moving toward or away from what you truly want
  • How to SHIFT GEARS when you’re heading in a direction you DON’T like
  • When to take action, when to chill, when to visualize and set intentions, and when to just BE
  • AND You’ll discover why ALLOWING (AKA LETTING good happen) is this Mac-Daddy-Mother-Ship of manifestation, and how to find and follow your OWN unique and personal path to joy and success on YOUR terms.
  • Quiet a runaway mind
  • Unlock a block and allow ideas, solutions, and creativity to flow
  • Experience greater clarity, focus, and excellence
  • Allow abundance to flow with greater joy and ease
  • Cultivate greater self-love, confidence, and trust in yourself and in life
  • Attract, allow and enjoy healthy, rewarding, productive relationships (including shifting the energy around existing relationships)
  • Naturally gravitate toward healthy habits to allow YOUR ideal plan for fitness, getting slim and experiencing overall well-being without having to force or deprive yourself
  • Create an inner environment that allows your body to help itself heal
  • Lessen and neutralize negative influences from the dreaded “them”
  • Use the power of your words and affirmations in the most effective way
  • Use the power of music to shift your vibe
  • Create greater excitement, joy and fun in your day-to- day life
  • Bounce back from a mega life moment faster
  • LET GOOD (AKA whatever your beautiful heart desires) happen and ENJOY the journey along the way!

You will also come away with insights and tools in order to:


Bonuses, upgrades and happy surprises along the way!

Course Syllabus

  • 1

    Law of Attraction Foundation

  • 2

    The Psychology and Science of the Law of Attraction

    • Psych intro

    • FOCUS and the Reticular Activating System (RAS)

    • Focus and the Reticular Activating System

    • AFFIRMATIONS and Rewiring the Brain

    • Affirmations and Rewiring the Brain

    • VISUALIZATION and Brain Science

    • Visualization Brain Science

    • POSITIVE THINKING and the Psychology of Happiness

    • Positive Thinking and the Psychology of Happiness

    • EXPECTATIONS and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    • Expectations and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    • Thoughts Create Emotions

    • Thoughts Create Emotions

    • The Biology of Emotions

    • Biology of Emotions

    • Catching Negative Emotions Early (Limbic System)

    • Catching Negative Emotions Early

    • Minimizing Negative Influences (Mirror Neurons)

    • Mirror Neurons

    • Psychology and Science of LOA Take-Aways

    • Psychology Summary

  • 3

    Power Tools for Law of Attraction

    • Getting the Most Out of Your Tools

    • The Power of Focus--Insights

    • The Power of Focus--Power Tools

    • The Power of Presence--Insights

    • The Power of Presence--Power Tools

    • The Power of Beauty--Insights

    • The Power of Beauty--Power Tools

    • The Power of Nature--Insights

    • The Power of Nature--Power Tools

    • BONUS: Nature Relaxation Video

    • The Power of Appreciation--Insights

    • The Power of Appreciation--Power Tools

    • The Power of Authenticity--Insights

    • The Power of Authenticity--Power Tools

    • The Power of Ownership--Insights

    • The Power of Ownership--Power Tools

    • The Power of Expression--Insights

    • The Power of Expression--Power Tools

    • BONUS: Gag Reel and Outtakes (for the Power of Humor)

    • The Power of Humor--Insights

    • The Power of Humor--Power Tools

    • The Power of Harmony--Insights

    • The Power of Harmony--Power Tools

    • The Power of Trust--Insights

    • The Power of Trust--Power Tools

    • The Power of Adventure--Insights

    • The Power of Adventure--Power Tools

  • 4

    Printable Handouts for Power Tools

    • The Power of Focus

    • The Power of Presence

    • The Power of Beauty

    • The Power of Nature

    • The Power of Appreciation

    • The Power of Authenticity

    • The Power of Ownership

    • The Power of Expression

    • The Power of Humor

    • The Power of Harmony

    • The Power of Trust

    • The Power of Adventure

  • 5

    Next Steps

    • The Next Step, Bonuses, Upgrades & Happy Surprises

    • Continuing Your Journey and Power Tools Master List

    • BONUS: Terez UNPLUGGED Performing "Blaze!"

    • Blaze! Song Lyrics


Lover of living life on FIRE and being a catalyst for Allowing YOUR Success!

Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann

From the time Terez, (born “Therese Tami Romano”) landed on planet earth, she was naturally drawn to 5 things: Creative expression (with music always at the heart), travel, the beauty of nature, spreading sunshine, and understanding the process of life, the universe and everything. Born in Southern California, seasoned in Brooklyn & Staten Island, New York, ripened in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, along with many harvests in Sedona, AZ, she quickly learned that no matter where on earth you may be, you just can’t help but take yourself - and your dreams - with you. Once she moved from the stroller to her fast little feet, she hit the ground running throughout grade, middle, and high school as a full-blown theater and chorus geek (multiple State Competition winner, Best Actress awards, All-Star Cast award), creative writer (“Pride Award” recipient), lover of dance and all-things-music, and even got a great start in a specially designed musical theater program at USF, thanks to a generous Schimberg Performance Scholarship. As she perused the buffet of life, Terez also explored psychology/marketing, the service industry, retail, inside sales in corporate America and, in her spare time, became a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Though she never fully lost sight of the things that truly mattered to her, she had chosen a long, hard road that often involved walking barefoot, uphill in the snow; and with that resistant attitude, had almost given up on many of her deepest heart’s desires until... One day, while sticking her toe back in the water by stepping in front of a microphone at a local Karaoke joint, she was offered a weekend gig working on a dinner cruise line doing a stiletto-healed rock and roll act. Needless to stay, this reignited her fire for music and creative expression and, over time with a bit of guts and gumption, managed to work her way into a full-time career in music. During this time, she met several brilliant musical mentors and worked with outstanding bands that allowed her to put Walt Disney World, Hard Rock, Universal Studios, Superbowl XXXV/Coca-Cola, Busch Gardens, and many high-profile weddings, conventions and special events on her sonic resume. In between gigs, she also became an accomplished percussionist, taught herself how to play keyboard and guitar, and began composing songs. Though she truly felt she was back on her path, Terez still felt that an important piece was missing from her life. After befriending a fabulous Mastermind Coach, diving even deeper into spiritual and success-principle teachings, and soon after, starting to facilitate her own inspirational groups, she found herself on another magical path that brought answers to many of her most burning questions about how life works, enabling her to create an entity and brand that merged her love for music with empowering and inspiring others. As a creative, yet fiercely driven entrepreneur, Terez got really good at MAKING things happen, was recognized for her innovative work by many of her peers, and received many awards including, a “Moxy Woman” award and “Dream Achiever” award, and a “Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year” nomination. Everything looked great on paper, but boy, did this little chica work HARD. Though she was doing so much of what she loved, she left herself little time and energy to be able to truly savor and celebrate the good that was happening, and this, indeed, started to dull her sparkle. On one fateful day in the early 2000’s, while cruising around Orlando Florida before a show that evening, she found herself listening to a CD series by Abraham-Hicks that had really intrigued her. Though she possessed a strong working knowledge and understanding of “The Law of Attraction” and many universal principles, she heard something on this day that changed her life forever: “The purpose of life is JOY,” “Life is supposed to be fun,” and, “Life is supposed to feel good.” She squeak-screamed and started to laugh uncontrollably, because the very words and ideas that she had believed and written in journals as a child and young adult (that she later chalked up to naïveté and wishful thinking), were now being spoken back to her by THE teacher who had launched all the source material for “The Secret” and who was responsible for the modern-day “Law of Attraction” movement as we know it!! After this beautiful discovery, Terez started to notice a very distinct pattern and reality that had followed her throughout her life: That EVERY relationship (including the meeting of and 17+ year ongoing, joy-filled relationship with her soul-mate husband), every “thing,” and every experience that was truly valuable to her CAME TO HER with JOY and EASE; whereas all the things that she had struggled and pushed for rarely provided anything more than an occasion for a feeble-sounding “yaaay,” and a little gold star to put in her book of stickers. Hmmmm… Since that poignant “aha” moment several years ago, Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann, “Your catalyst for all things Fab-YOU-lous”, has created and put her “Allowing Your Success” formula to work in her life and has since realized some mega-magic manifestations including: -Crafting over 200 songs -Getting a cash sale for her home without ever having to put it on the market AND finding her Florida dream home only 1 day after having her approval letter in hand! -Having her music used for film and radio shows -Several incredible life-changing adventures, including a cross-country road trip, an all-expense-paid trip to Boulder, Colorado where she got to converse with two brilliant film-makers, Kent Moran and Steven Simon, which was filmed by Gaiam TV for the Spiritual Cinema Circle, and “Allowing Adventures” & “Savor Vacation” experiences that she created, organized, and hosted in Sedona, AZ, Asheville, NC, Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico, the Gulf Beaches of Florida, and Kauai, HI. -A beautiful reunion and reconnection with her dad after 30 years! -A contract to compose the score for a musical that ran successfully in Tampa, FL and the ability to take the better part of a year off to do this! -A publishing team, (Joeel and Natalie Rivera of Transformation Service, Inc.) who approached HER, who then published her first book, Allowing Your Success!, asked her to co-author two additional books, Transform Your Life! and Transform Your Life! Book Two, collaborated with her for special events, brought her on board as a monthly contributor for their international magazine, “Transformation Magazine,” and – talk about one heck of a bonus – turned out to be a core part of her “soul family” and two of her favorite human beings in the universe! -AND more than she could ever list here! BUT… …As much as she has enjoyed the journey of allowing HER success, there are few things that bring this Firewoman greater joy than getting to strike a match to help YOU and your valued clients live life on FIRE, so she is deeply honored and proud to get to share her unique, fun and powerful programs with beautiful YOU!