Become a Fitness Internationally Certified Belly Core instructor and create your own Belly Core Fitness Business

The Fitness International Belly Core Fitness Certification Course is an 8 hours weight loss, dance and instructional fitness course based on diverse international  core dance and belly dance moves in which you will learn very important concepts from fitness theory, weight loss, human anatomy, belly dance and the current guidelines of exercise, including exercise type, duration and intensity all the way to the demonstration of possible body movements and exploring the range of motion of every major joint in the body, and how to apply all of it in creating your own Belly Core Fitness classes which you can teach, as a business in your own community.

The fitness course offers you a new life skill, a core training and weight loss tool with which you can create a successful fitness business for yourself and your family, with a great stream of income and limitless possibilities of growth. In the same time it offers you the psychological benefits and the amazing satisfaction of dance, belly dance, Latin and African dance, fitness movement and power to help others improve their health and lifestyle and to bring happiness into different lives.


From a learning perspective, you will have the opportunity to use all major components of the fitness learning process. You will:

1. Learn through fitness technique and theory, both visual and auditory, and you will be able to use the International Belly Core Fitness Certification TextBook.

2. Learn this new life skill through Participation and Physical Practice - you will get to feel the fitness benefits of the Belly Core Fitness movements, belly dance techniques for weight loss, explore your body, muscle capacity and range of motion, learn breathing techniques and important muscle isolation and control, explore weight loss possibilities and fitness core training which will help you understand and use your muscles in ways which might have been very difficult before.

3. You will take all the fitness theory and movement practice and combine them together in a full Belly Core Fitness class for future instructors. This way you get to experience both parts of the spectrum, and you get to understand how your students feel and think when they will take your fitness classes. In the same time, you learn how a fitness instructor thinks, what are your responsibilities as a trainer and how to always focus on your students first, as they are the most important factor during a fitness class.

4. Once you get to experience a full Belly Core fitness class and feel the happiness, satisfaction and joy of it, we will talk about the psychology of fitness and feeling good through weight loss, how to get your fitness students to come to your class in the first place and how to motivate them to come back. We will talk about different personalities and fitness motivational techniques you can use.

5. In the Fitness Business section, we will talk about the Belly Core Fitness business model, the steps to follow in setting up your enterprise the right way, the start up money you may need, as well as planning as important factors in your future success in the fitness and wellness industry.


The Fitness International Certification - Belly Core Fitness course will conclude with the encouragement to take your time, practice and perfect it, as this is not only a way for health and weight loss, but most importantly it is a life skill you can use for the rest of your life and retire with it.

At the end of the Belly Core Fitness certification course you will have to pass a 15 questions test for the Belly Core Fitness Authorized Instructor Certificate, which will be personalized with your own name and it is different than the certificate of completion of the course which Udemy offers.

Fitness, Health and Wellness together with Nutrition are very important factors in our life! Take your time in your fitness journey, enjoy Belly Core Fitness and explore all its benefits, including weight loss techniques for you and your students.

See you in the course!

Sanda Kruger

What you’ll learn

  • Become a BellyCore Fitness internationally certified Instructor able to take this program anywhere in the world and teach it for a profit to your own students in your own community.
  • You will receive all the tools to start your own BellyCore Fitness Franchise.
  • You will be able to create your personalized BellyCore Fitness classes with your own flavors added in them while following the format.
  • You will be able to use the BellyCore Fitness logo for your promotional materials and advertising.
  • You will experience increased flexibility and mobility in your own body and you will know how to recognize the results and the power of change and how to inspire others to do the same in themselves.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Be able to move and be willing to get to know your body at a deeper level. Please wear workout clothes, no shoes and have a Yoga/fitness mat and water.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to help others to live a healthy lifestyle and be the best version of themselves they can possibly be.
  • You may be already a group fitness instructor and in that case, this course it will become a new tool in your belt of skills to use and be successful. Be wiling to learn something new!

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs and coaches in the fitness and health industry who love growth, personal development, improving their own health, their body and spirit and love dance and music, teaching and inspiring others to do the same.
  • Business oriented people who want to make money on their own, and love having the freedom of their own enterprise, making their own schedules and creating their own classes while following the BellyCore Fitness formula and format.
  • This course is not for people who just want a fitness class, it is for those who can use it as a tool to be successful and create a legacy for themselves and their families.

Course Syllabus

  • 1


    • Introduction - Belly Core Fitness

    • Why Become an Entrepreneur

    • What to Expect

    • What to expect

    • The Learning Process

    • The Learning Process

    • Join the Course Discussion!

  • 2

    IMPORTANT Agreement, Disclaimer & Rules

    • REQUIRED: Agreement, Disclaimer and Code of Ethics (By Continuing This Course You Agree to These Terms)

    • Requirements for Earning Certification (NO SKIPPING VIDEOS)

  • 3

    Fitness Theoretical Knowledge

    • 5 Major Components of Physical Fitness

    • The 5 Major Components of Fitness

    • Skill Related Components of Fitness

    • The skill related components of fitness are

    • Guidelines of Exercise

    • The Guidelines for Exercise

    • Benefits of Regular Exercise

    • Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

    • The Anatomy of The Human Body

    • Human Anatomy

    • The Skeletal System

    • The Skeletal System

    • Muscular System

    • The Muscular System

    • Pairs of Muscles

    • Pairs of Muscles

    • Muscles of The Upper Torso and Extremeties

    • The Upper Torso and Upper Extremities Muscles

    • Torso Muscles

    • The Torso Muscles

    • Lower Torso Muscles

    • The Lower Torso and Lower Extremities Muscles

    • Nervous System

    • The Nervous System

    • Movement Analysis

    • Movement Analysis

    • The Respiratory System

    • The Respiratory System

    • The Cardiovascular System

    • The Cardiovascular System

    • Anatomical Levers

    • Levers

    • Correct Standing Alignment

    • Types of Joints

    • Joints The Spine and Pelvic girdle

    • Muscle Contractions

    • Balance, Posture and Alignment

    • Correct Posture

    • Muscle contractions or actions

    • Instructor Responsabilities

    • Energy Metabolism

    • Energy Metabolism

    • Aerobic Exercise Response

    • Aerobic Exercise Responses

    • Professional responsibilities of a fitness instructor

    • Structure of a BellyCore Class

    • The structure of the BellyCore® Fitness class

  • 4

    Demonstration of Movement

    • Demo of Movement Feet Knees Hips

    • Demo of Movement Figure 8, Travel and Abdomen Movements

    • Demo of Movement Abdominals Breathing

    • Demonstration of Movement Obliques, Slides and Circles

    • Demo of Movement Shoulders and Arms

    • Demo of Movement Circles with Hips and Arms

    • Demo Of Movement Movement Progression Steps

    • Music

    • Cueing

    • Main Class-Warm Up 1

  • 5

    BellyCore Fitness Class for Upcoming Instructors

    • Main Class-Warm Up 1

    • Main Class-Warm Up 2

    • Main Class Pt 1

    • Main Class Pt 2

    • Main Class Pt 3

    • Main Class Pt 4

    • Main Class Pt 5

    • Main Class Pt 6

    • Toning and Flexibility Pt 1

    • Toning and Flexibility Pt2

    • Static Stretching

    • Cool Down

  • 6

    Psychological Benefits of Fitness

    • Psychological Benefits of Fitness

    • Exercise Behavior

    • Exercise Behavior

    • Psychological Laws of Exercise

    • The Psychological Laws of Exercise

    • Exercise Self-efficacy and Locus of Control

    • Exercise self-Efficacy and Locus of Control

    • Types of Motivation

    • Types of Motivation

    • Personality and Fitness

    • Personality and exercise

    • The Transtheoretical Model

    • Change and The Transtheoretical Model

    • Exercise Dependency

    • Exercise Dependency

    • Facilitating Behavioral Change

    • Setting Goals

    • Setting Goals

    • Facilitating Exercise

    • Facilitating Exercise Knowledge

  • 7

    Make it A Successful Business

    • Down to Business

    • Steps to a Successful Business Pt 1

    • Steps 1-3 in Starting a Successful Business

    • Steps to a Successful Business Pt 2

    • Steps 4-9 in starting a successful business

    • Marketing and Advertising

    • Marketing and Advertising Tools

    • Networking Tips

    • Networking Tips

    • Marketing Plan

    • Marketing Plan

  • 8


    • The Class is the Easy Part

    • Teaching the CLASS IS THE EASY PART

    • Conclusion

    • How to Receive Your Official Certificate & Logo


Fitness and Health Coach, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

Sanda Kruger

Sanda Kruger has more than 20 years of experience in the business of wellness, fitness and health industry with both adults and children, is an expert in the Ketogenic Diet, a nutrition health coach and retired professional dancer. She is a certified health and fitness professional with AFAA, AEA and ACE and is the creator of the 21 Day Ketogenic Diet Program for Losing Weight and of two original fitness programs, called BellyCore® Fitness and AquaCor®. During her fitness and wellness coaching career, through private classes, master classes, workshops and coaching groups, Sanda Kruger has helped and taught thousands of students in both health and nutrition. Synergistically mixed with her fitness and wellness programs, Sanda is an entrepreneur who also explores the new and challenging realms of a real estate investor. Through her many endeavors, Sanda discovered that her mission is to inspire the people she comes in contact with to live a healthier, comfortable, more meaningful life. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Sanda embraces her Latin - Eastern European spirit. This allowed her to become a catalyst for well being through dance, fitness and nutrition and encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit. Sanda has a European Bachelors Degree In Moral and Political Philosophy and a Bachelors of Business Administration and Management, which she finished in the United States. She is a Quantum Leap Graduate with the Millionaire Mind Intensive Programs and was inspired in her business encounters and in life by great teachers like Abraham-Hicks, Tony Robbins, and T. Harv Eker. Sanda is the owner of a few companies; one of them is Mystic Core Movements LLC under which she operates with her fitness and health coaching programs. She currently travels all over the world participating in workshops, trainings and master classes for her fitness and health programs, women empowerment and self-growth and she offers private in person and online course.