Discover the 4 steps to success: know what you want, believe you can have it, create a strong plan, and stay motivated. | taught by Joeel & Natalie Rivera

Course Benefits

  • Clearly identify goals worth striving for
  • Explore evidence that your dream is possible
  • Banish limited beliefs that hold you back
  • Create a solid, motivational plan
  • Stay accountable and committed to success

Have a dream or a life goal that seems like it's out of your reach? Banish your negativity and learn how to achieve your long-term goals by developing a strong foundation with this motivational course on how to reach your goals. Discover the four steps to success by knowing what you want, believing you can achieve it, creating a strong plan of action, and staying motivated along the way. Gain powerful tools that will help you complete each of these steps, and ultimately, your life goals!

4 Steps to Goal Success

1-Decide What You Want When you ask most people what their goals are or what they want out of life, they often cannot answer. And when they do, the goals they say are often what others have influenced them to want. This course will help you determine what YOU really want out of life and how to make your goals achievable and inspirational.

2-Know You CAN Achieve It Many people hold themselves back from the goals they really want because they believe they cannot have their true desires. Often people don’t reach their goals, or even try, out of fear of change or failure. This course will help you find evidence from your own life that you can believe in yourself and give you the confidence to know that you have everything you need to be successful. Anything you want is possible for you.

3-Make a Plan for Achievement Even the most strongly desired goal cannot be achieved without a solid, actionable plan. Often, people get discouraged when goals are not reached or attempts lead to failure. This is most often because the goal wasn’t well thought through and an effective plan wasn’t made. This course offers detailed, yet simple, strategies for planning a route toward your goal, while keeping you motivated and on track.

4-Stay Motivated Even the best plan is ineffective if the person following it isn’t motivated. And, unfortunately, most people leave motivation to chance—waiting until the moment that they need to feel motivated and finding it’s not there. This course helps you prepare your mind state in advance so that your true desire and big reason for reaching for your goals are strong enough to pull you through those times when doubt, discouragement or procrastination threaten to zap your motivation.

Course Syllabus

  • 1

    Decide What You Want

    • Introduction - Achieving Your Goals and Dreams

    • Step 1 Decide What You Want

    • Full Workbook: Achieving Life Goals (ADA ACCESSIBLE) - This document contains all PDF attachments found throughout the course, in a single document.

    • Workbook Available for This Course

    • All Course Documents in One Handy Place

    • Brainstorming Long Term Goals

    • Brainstorming Long term Goals Worksheet

    • Big Enough Reason

    • Big Enough Reasons Worksheet

    • Unconditional Dreams

    • Unconditional Dreams Worksheet

    • Vision

    • Vision Worksheet

  • 2

    Believe in Your Dream

    • Unconscious Mind

    • Step 2 Believe You CAN Achieve It

    • Change Cycle

    • Change Cycle Worksheet

    • Learning Change Worksheet

    • Change Resume Worksheet

    • Faith In Yourself

    • Good Always Comes

    • Good Will Always Come Worksheet

    • Affirmation Statements

    • Affirmation Statements Worksheet

    • Overcoming Doubt

    • Overcoming Doubt Worksheet

  • 3

    Make a Concrete Plan

    • SMART Goals

    • SMART Goals Worksheet

    • Bridge to Your Dreams

    • Bridge to Your Dreams Worksheet

    • Monthly Milestones

    • The 30-60-365 Goal Setting Plan

    • 60 and 30 day plan

    • Weekly Planning

    • Weekly Planning (The Ta-Da List)

    • Weekly Plan Template

    • Daily Planning

    • Daily Planning Worksheet

    • Monthly Check-In

    • Monthly Check-In Worksheet

    • Accountability

    • Accountability Worksheet

    • Massive Action

    • Massive Action Worksheet

  • 4

    Stay Motivated

    • Step 4- Stay Motivated

    • Excuses

    • Excuses Worksheet

    • Pain and Pleasure

    • Pain and Pleasure Worksheet

    • BONUS TD Jakes

    • BONUS Up Movie

    • Commitment

    • Commitment Worksheet

    • Empowering Beliefs

    • Empowering Beliefs Worksheet

    • Procrastination

    • Procrastination Worksheet

    • Stimulating Motivation

    • Motivation Worksheet

    • Keys to Motivation

    • Key Motivators

    • Demotivation

    • Demotivation Worksheet

    • Failure to Success

    • Failure to Success Worksheet

    • Small Changes

    • Small Changes Lead to Big Results

    • Celebrate

    • Celebrate Worksheet

    • Bucket List

    • Bucket List Worksheet

  • 5


    • Summary

    • Congratulations


Lead Instructors & Coaches

Joeel & Natalie Rivera

Joeel and Natalie Rivera are professional speakers, trainers, and coaches. Their mission is to provide tools that empower people to ignite their dreams,  unleash their potential and fulfill their purpose. Through their  company, Transformation Services, Inc., they provide digital content  publishing, online courses, and life coach training programs that act as  a catalyst for personal empowerment. Joeel  is a former psychology professor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling  and Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D.  in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness. Using the science of  psychology and human potential, they train leading edge entrepreneurs,  leaders, life coaches, and individuals how to master the power of their  mind and create their destiny.They  are serial entrepreneurs who challenge and inspire others to take their  power back through self-employment as INDIEpreneurs, (self-employed  freedom junkies). Between the two of them, they’ve started over a dozen  businesses, from photography to a non-profit teen coaching center, and  from an import business to a holistic virtual office. They  became INFOpreneurs in 2014 when they fully transitioned their print  magazine into digital format because they found they could reach an  exponential, worldwide market at a fraction of the time and cost. They  closed their physical offices and began converting their in-person  workshops and speeches into information products and online courses. Then, in 2015 they received a proverbial “kick in the pants” to go  “all-in” when Joeel fell ill after traveling overseas. Unable to leave  the house, they continued reach and inspire their market by creating 50  online courses in only 2 years, including digitizing their popular life  coach training programs and certifications. Today, they have served 300,000+ students from 195 countries.