Proven strategies for marketing, capitalization and achieving goals!

This program is designed to help budding entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, coaches or indiepreneurs take their business idea to the next level. 

  • Do you want to make a difference and make money doing it?
  • Are you tired of feeling like a best kept secret?
  • Do you refuse to live in a corporate box?
  • Are you determined to fulfill your purpose?

This 6 part BOOTCAMP will take the guesswork out of business creation and expansion. We have personally used these exact tools to create rapid success, and in this program we are offering you OUR proven, step-by-step process. 

The Quantum Leap program is for you if: 

  • You’re a small business owner, budding entrepreneur, life coach or private practitioner and you want to start or expand your business
  • You’re frustrated because you know you’re supposed to make a HUGE difference in the world and instead you’re playing “small”
  • You want your business to work for you instead of feeling like you are a slave to it
  • You’re ready to create a thriving business that supports the lifestyle you want to live
  • You want to implement proven strategies to create results quickly
  • You want to commit to a “real” business strategy, not just a gimmick or “get rich quick” scheme

In this course you’ll learn how to: 

  • Make your ideas concrete with solid market research and plans
  • Stop spinning your wheels and KNOW what action to take next
  • Quit wasting time & laser focus on INCOME PRODUCING RESULTS 
  • Learn from success by implementing PROVEN strategies for business expansion
  • Discover your tribe of ideal clients and target your niche
  • Write epic marketing copy and know exactly how to sell your product or service
  • Feel empowered to put your expert hat on and share your wisdom with the world
  • Develop a strategy to monetize your mission including mastering your money mindset and pricing your products optimally
  • Set actionable short and long term goals in order to follow through
  • Learn strategies to stay motivated and hold yourself accountable
  • Do what you love and love what you do

Discover the process we used over and over again to start businesses (or implement new business ideas), each in only 6 weeks, with a limited budget, and turned them into a multiple 6-figure business!

If any of this resonates with you I've got GREAT news for you: you are SO in the right place right now!

In the 6-Week BOOTCAMP will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through the process of creating your dream and the freedom you crave. You see, we've figured it all out AND we're laying it out for you so you can easily duplicate our success. Our 6 week system for launching an idea and transforming it into a functional business, from scratch, with only a couple of hundred dollars in the bank account. What we found was all of the business ventures we created had the same process to jump start—or QUANTUM LEAP—it into success. The good news is that it's a teachable process. But it's deeper than that. You see, we LOVE more than anything to teach people how to take an idea and create it into a reality. Why? Because our process is such a FAST and EASY way to get results and it's SO exciting to get to share it with other entrepreneurs who want to do their part to make the world a better place.


So who are we? 

We’re serial entrepreneurs and our early business ventures included a t-shirt company, import business, photography company, youth counseling center and a holistic office center. Today our company Transformation Services offers life coaching and coach training, transformation magazine, a publishing, online courses (T.U.), live events and conferences, and professional speaking. We’ve worked with 30,000 students as well as thousands of coaches and entrepreneurs from 170 countries. All of our programs are created based on our decade of experience in education, social services, business development and coaching, as well as my experience as a psychology instructor, my Master’s in Counseling and Education and my research on happiness for my dissertation for my PH.D. in Psychology.

Course Sections:

Section 1) CREATION:Make Your Idea Concrete

Section 2) CONNECTION:Identify Your Tribe and Niche

Section 3) COMMUNICATION:Define Your Message

Section 4) CAPITALIZATION (aka Ca-Ching): Make Money with Your Mission

Section 5) COMMITMENT: Plan for Success

Section 6) CULTIVATION: Stay Motivated and Inspired

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